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"77th Independence Day Celebration "

"Our love for our Nation and fellow brethren is boundless. What we desire for everyone is happiness.

Independence Day is a very special occasion which is dear to each one of us. In memory of this historic event to remember the selfless sacrifices of countless Indians and freedom fighters who led them, we at Bensons International Academy observed the 77th Independence Day Celebration with great excitement and enthusiasm .

Greeting our esteemed Guests and dignitaries with a warm welcome, the function commenced on a happy note. Chief Guest Mr.Kallappa Patil and Guest of Honour Pastor Sudhir Kirby Sir were welcomed with tokens of love and gratitude.

The Tricolour flag-,Tiranga what we proudly call it as was unfurled by our Chief Guest Mr. Kallappa Patil, Guest of Honour Pastor Sudhir Kirby, Principal Madam Josephine Gunti and esteemed staff. Following this the salute of honour was given by the entire group of students and teachers.

All the students from Grade Nursery to grade 10 actively participated in the activities organised for them. To name a few were colourful posters, tricolour flag batches and many more ,thus tapping their hidden talents and creative abilities.

Every speech delivered by teachers and students sent across the spirit of patriotism. Speeches highlighted the significance of the day and reminded everyone about their duties and responsibilities towards their motherland. Gleeming with joy students participated as well as enjoyed being a part of the celebration.

Chief Guest Mr.Kallappa addressed the assembly and delivered the message about how each one should develop the qualities of patriotism and glory of the country should be kept up by us Indians.

In rememberence of soldiers and leaders the school choir presented a patriotic song. High school students performed a patriotic dance in honour of the brave heroes.

To mark the conclusion of the celebration vote of thanks was proposed by Tr Poonam. The celebration was a very grand success with the support of the Management, valuable guidance of Principal Madam Josephine Gunti, dedicated and tireless efforts of the Staff and Students.