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Creating awareness about various acts and their consequences on life is one of the most important responsibilities shouldered by educational institutions and the teaching fraternity. 31st May, 2022 was celebrated across the globe as "World No Tobacco day". Taking this occasion as a golden opportunity to create awareness in the tender minds of our students, we the Management and Staff of Bensons International Academy organised an awareness programme about the harmful and deadly effects of consuming tobacco and second-hand smoke exposure, and also to discourage the use of tobacco in any form. “Tobacco – A Threat to our Environment”, keeping in mind this theme for the year 2022, a special morning assembly was organised , and the students and staff together pledged not to smoke and consume any type of tobacco products.Thought provoking speeches about the harmful effects of tobacco and health threatening diseases caused by consumption of tobacco products were delivered by Master Om.Rayanache of grade 8 and Master Ritesh Patil of grade 9 . Posters and placards giving a strong anti tobacco message were displayed on the school premises so that students and parents realise the importance of the precious gift called' LIFE ' that is bestowed upon them by ' GOD '. The observance of this awareness creating event concluded with a positive note, that is promising ourselves that never ever will we consume tobacco in any form. The celebration of this event was a grand success with the blessings of the Lord, the support of the Management and the valuable guidance of our Academic Director Madam Rachana Gorle, Principal Shailaja Karoshi and the valuable contribution of the dedicated staff.