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Craft Making Competition conducted for Pre-Primary Bensonites at BIA, Benakanahalli, Belgavi. Children have shown their great creative and innovative skills. The school always conduct creative activities for all-round development of the students. Our little champs of KG, LKG and UKG have made crafts on Flowers, Birds, Trees, Ice Cream Cone, Butterfly, Umbrella, Hand-print cut-outs etc. These kind of craft making activities help our kids to relish the fun of craft and create a snapshot in time of their childhood. Pre-Primary children enjoyed making memories. This craft making competition captures the innocence of the child and also remind us that, when a child grows and reflects back on their small hands, small feet and a tiny face but a big heart to embrace life..... Childhood is a Gift of God... Live it, Treasure it, Cherish it!!!