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Cleanliness is state of purity, clarity and precision.... Cleanliness drive was organized by Bensons International academy. The main purpose of this programmer was to create awareness among the students and the society regarding cleanliness, its benefits and also to sensitize the people about the cleanliness. All the students of grade 5 to 7 participated under this programmer. Even the teachers were the essential part of this drive. Staff members took out an awareness rally along with student to Benkanhalli village to spread the message of the need to keep our surrounding clean by holding thought provoking placards displaying messages to sensitize people about cleanliness. During rally students also interacted with many residents of the area and urged them to take up the cause seriously. After the rally students went on cleaning the surrounding area of the village with necessary equipments like brooms, bins, personal protection equipments and managed to clean it up. The whole exercise was appreciated by the people of village.